Veterinary Wellness Care

Caring For Your Pets and You!

What happens during a wellness exam?
Your pet will receive a thorough physical exam and we will review his or her health and daily lifestyle with you. This is the best time to let us know if you have noticed anything unusual, such as changes in eating, elimination, weight or behavior.
Your pet’s health depends upon your observations and a thorough physical examination.  We will also discuss how to protect your pet against infectious diseases, fleas, ticks, heartworms and intestinal parasites. Our standards of care are based upon each pet’s lifestyle, age and other factors.

How often should my pet receive a wellness exam?
Your pet ages much more quickly than you do.  Therefore, it is essential that your pet be examined by us at least once a year and even more frequently as your pet gets older. Taking your pet to the veterinarian once a year is the same as if you were to see a doctor for an exam only once every six to eight years. Because so much can change with your pet’s physical health a regular exam is a must.

Why choose a Comprehensive Wellness Profile?
OCVH & FVH offers a Comprehensive Wellness Profile, which is a set of tests that gives us an accurate picture of your pet’s overall health and frequently allows us to detect problems before they turn into serious illnesses. Based on exam results, your observations and test results, we will make recommendations to protect your pet’s health.

Six basic tests that offer more than basic information

Complete Blood Count (CBC)
The CBC tests for anemia, infection, inflammation and overall health of blood cells. It also evaluates the number and type of cells in circulation. White blood cells help fight infection or may indicate inflammation.  Red blood cells deliver oxygen to

Chemistry Tests
The Chemistry panel surveys many of the organ systems of the body to make sure they are working normally.
Liver - This group of tests helps evaluate various liver functions.  Decreased liver function, inflammation, infection and tumors of the liver and gall bladder may be detected by one or more of these tests.
Kidney - These tests monitor the function and health of the kidneys. They are most helpful and sensitive for detecting kidney disease when combined with a urinalysis.
Pancreas - These test results will be abnormal when there is something wrong with the pancreas or carbohydrate metabolism (i.e., diabetes mellitus and pancreatitis).
Muscle and Bone -

  • Calcium and Phosphorus are helpful in determining the health of bone metabolism.
  • CPK and AST are abnormal with muscle damage, trauma or inflammation.
  • Electrolytes are important in monitoring cellular health. Deficiencies or excesses of these electrolytes are harmful to the animal’s physical and mental well-being.

Thyroid Function Test
Thyroid gland malfunction is detected by this test.  Hypothyroidism (too little thyroid hormone) is common in dogs; whereas hyperthyroidism (too much thyroid hormone) is common in older cats.  Because no single test can diagnose all thyroid diseases in animals, sometimes additional thyroid tests are necessary to ensure proper diagnosis.

This assesses the health and function of the urinary system. It is especially important in older animals to help in early detection of kidney disease. While some serum chemistries help evaluate kidney function (BUN, Creatinine, etc.), much more information is obtained when a urinalysis is done at the same time. The urine sample is tested for crystals, bacteria, chemical components (glucose, protein and more), as well as any cells (blood, epithelial, etc.).

Heartworm Test (Dogs Only)
Heartworm disease is a life-threatening disease caused by worms that live in the heart and large blood vessels around the heart. If undetected and untreated, an infection of only a few worms can have serious consequences. Most pets do not have any symptoms in the early stages of infection and annual testing is the single best method of early detection. The
Comprehensive Wellness Profile includes the most sensitive and accurate diagnostic test available for heartworm detection or infection.

A sample of your pet’s stool is examined for tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, coccidia, Giardia and other intestinal parasites. If detected, effective treatments are available to eliminate the parasite and the threat to you and your pet’s health. Some parasites found in pets are zoonotic—that is, are transmissible to humans.

Ocean County Veterinary Hospital has provided pet owners and their companions extra TLC for over 50 years. In 2006, we opened our first affiliate hospital, Fischer Veterinary Hospital. We are the largest, privately operated animal hospital in Ocean County. But even though we offer the advantages of a big medical center, each of our patients receives very personal care.

We take great pride in our veterinary healthcare team. Our concern about the pets we treat—and the feelings of their owners—sets us apart. At OCVH & FVH, we have a simple philosophy:

By choosing the Annual Wellness Exam and the Comprehensive Wellness Profile, you are making an important decision about your pet’s health and happiness. It’s the best way for you to share many rewarding years with your pet.

The cost of the Annual Wellness Exam and Comprehensive Profile is 48% off the cost the individual tests and services.
Listed below are the included tests and services:

  • Wellness Exam & Consultation
  • CBC
  • Chemistry Tests
  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Urinalysis
  • Heartworm
  • Fecal

The Annual Wellness Exam and Comprehensive Profile is 43% off the cost of individual tests and services.
Listed below are the included tests and services:

  • Wellness Exam & Consultation
  • CBC
  • Chemistry Tests
  • Thyroid Function Test
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal
We may recommend vaccinations for your pet, (e.g., Distemper, Rabies, Bordetella, Lyme, etc.) based on species, lifestyle, age and history.

Additional charges will apply for vaccinations. Please ask us if you have questions regarding the Annual Wellness Exam & Comprehensvie Profile or other services.