Your pet's eyes are a great source of health information because they are connected to the both the vascular and neurologic systems. We always perform an examination of the eyes during your visit because they can reveal signs that are suggestive of bacterial, viral or other systemic infections.

Although eye conditions can manifest in many ways, the following are some common indications that your pet needs an eye evaluation:
  • Eyes appear red or blood shot
  • Changes in the color of the eyes
  • Eyes appear cloudy
  • Increased discharge or tearing from the eyes
  • Holding the eye(s) closed
  • Pawing at the eyes
  • Growths or tumors on the lids
Like us, pets go through age-related changes with their vision. That is why ophthalmology is a standard of care at our practice and is performed at every pet's visit. When your pet is a senior, we recommend two eye exams each year to diagnose any minor eye problems before they become serious.