We recognize exotic pets are a beloved member of your family even though they are sometimes misunderstood by those who do not own them or love them. Whether furry, feathered, slithery or slippery, an exotic pet veterinarian at one of our family of hospitals located in Lakewood, Toms River and Jackson, can provide the care they need and deserve.

Our team approach to providing comprehensive, compassionate veterinary care excels in the distinctive needs in the care and treatment of birds and exotic pets. Through our daily rounds and consultations, you can rest assured your pet will receive the best care available.

Whether your guinea pig, rat, mouse, hamster, parrot or snake needs veterinary care, we can help. We provide general medicine and surgery for these pets, as well as nail, beak and wing trims. We also understand and value the special health care needs of your unique pet.

At our family of hospitals, our veterinarians and staff are committed to providing exotic pets with the
same high quality standard of care given to dogs and cats. Exotic pets have special needs, and
it is through extensive training, years of experience, and a dedication to staying abreast of
the latest exotic pet medical research and developments that we are able to help all
pets live happy and healthy lives. We ensure exotic pet owners are able to provide
their pets with a healthy diet, and that diseases are detected as early as possible.
We are dedicated to serving our community of exotic pets and their owners, and we
are proud to your trusted veterinarian in caring for your exotics family.

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