Planning a getaway and can't take your pet? Don't worry – our caring staff will provide your cherished family member with loving and attentive care while you're away.

Cats, dogs and exotic pets enjoy spotlessly clean and comfortable accommodations. Each pet receives individual attention throughout their stay. Dogs get walked multiple times throughout the day in a secure, fenced play yard. Cats relax in individual cat condos furnished with comfy bedding and a private litterbox. Birds, reptiles and small mammals are also welcome to stay in our new, specially designed, quiet and secluded Exotic Quarters.

Every pet we care for is monitored daily for signs of stress or illness. If your pet should become ill during your absence, our doctors are able to step in and start treatment immediately. Of course, we can easily administer any medications your pet may need as part of his or her stay as well as maintain your pet's customary diet.

We encourage you to tour our boarding facilities at anytime during regular business hours to meet our Ward Nurses and see where you pet will stay.


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