OCVH now offers Hill's® Science Diet® Healthy Advantage Veterinary Exclusive Pet Food

Hill's® Science Diet® Healthy Advantage™ is veterinary exclusive preventative nutrition that addresses your pets' most essential health needs with one product. Along with regular exercise and veterinary checkups, Hill's® Science Diet® Healthy Advantage™ maximizes your pet's potential for a happy, healthy future.  We are proud to offer the Canine Puppy and Adult and the Feline Kitten and Adult Cat selections.  Come in and ask a staff a member about how you can try this food for FREE!

Wisdom Panel MX Mixed-Breed Analysis

We are proud to announce that we offer the Wisdom Panel MX Mixed-Breed Analysis!  This blood test can identify over 130 AKC recognized breeds that may be present in your mixed breed dog.  Your results will include pictures of the most common physical traits and a written report detailing the most common personality traits about the purebred dogs which comprise your beloved mixed breed.  Schedule an appointment to find out what is in your mixed breed dog today and receive a $25 rebate! To learn more about Wisdom Panel, you can visit their website at

Feline Heartworm Disease

Did you know one mosquito bite can infect your cat with heartworm, a potentially destructive and insidious disease?  The American Heartworm Society (AHS) and the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) are teaming up to get this urgent message out to cat owners through the KNOW Heartworms campaign.  The campaign messages center on the five myths and misunderstandings about feline heartworm.

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